Car Rent

We provide the ultimate driving experience for our clients, anytime anywhere – no matter if it’s a busy place like London or exotic locations like Monaco. ABSR is a top car rental company located in Tallinn born from the love of exotic and luxury cars, and we strive to make these very exclusive brands and models available for everyone to enjoy.

From small beginnings, our company has grown beyond our wildest expectations. Our impressive selection of luxury cars for rent are sure to please even the most esteemed car connoisseur or middle class folk alike.

What car brands speak to you? Our selection of luxury cars will ensure you not only arrive looking quite sharp, but have fun every minute you are behind the wheel. Rent and experience the utmost in comfort and class. Cruising around in one of our cars is the ultimate status symbol. Go on and indulge, and make your driving fantasies come true. Our impeccable service and competitive prices can’t be beaten.

  • Once you have decided what kind of car you want to rent, we make the rest a snap.
  • We make it fast and easy to book the car that best suits your desires and needs.
  • Whether you are driving for business or pleasure, our commitment is to provide the best car rental service available.
  • We are your top choice to complete your dreams ensuring you arrive in style. Exotic, prestige, sports cars, convertibles and SUVs are for the enjoyment of all.
  • Delivery and collection to any location in all major cities across Europe.
  • Your personal Reservation Manager is available to you 24 hours a day.