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Mercedes Benz C180 Cabrio

The MB C-Class Cabriolet opens a world of driving enjoyment and sporty elegance. Its convertible top is woven not just from rich fabric but a legacy of innovation, athleticism and craftsmanship that never goes out of style, or out of season.

1.000€ *
35,000 KM 12/2016

Ferrari FF V12

Regardless of weather or surface. The Ferrari FF will more than match anything that’s asked of it because it is quite simply the most versatile car ever produced by the pens, computers, wrenches and milling machines used by the Prancing Horse technicians, engineers, designers and mechanics.

3.000€ *
30,000 KM 10/2010

BMW 640 XD

You want a four-door car that's not a 'boring' sedan, or you want a coupe that's more practical… Either way, the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe is the latest solution from Germany. A super-powerful diesel is the sweetest BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe, but is it a sweet-enough sedan alternative?

1.200€ *
45,000 KM 03/2016

BENTLEY Bentayga W12

Bentayga is everything you would expect from an SUV created by Bentley. The most luxurious, hand-built, all-terrain vehicle on Earth, it is a car in which technology, speed and power have come together to offer an extraordinary driving experience. It is an SUV that can be tailored to your own unique taste, through matchless levels of personalisation and a wide array of options.

3.000€ *
3,000 KM 06/2017


The dominant bonnet line, prominent matrix grille and twin large inner headlamps confirm its pedigree but the Continental GT V8 Convertible has its own distinct character. And one that exudes refined luxury.


The new Continental GT V8 Convertible takes open top comfort to new levels and, with the roof down, lets you enjoy the V8’s exquisite mechanical symphony in full surround sound.

2.200€ *
1 KM 08/2013


Passion Shared Across Generations!

Ride far enough and you’ll go back in time. The Chief Vintage combines the timeless sense of yesteryear with the modern capabilities today’s riders demand.

1.000€ *
1 KM 06/2015